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WILO Australia (WAU)

Welcome to Wilo Australia Pty Limited


Wilo Australia started trading in Australia, as of 1st July 2011 as full operating subsidiary of Wilo SE (Germany). Wilo was founded in 1872, as a family owned brass and copper factory, today the majority of the capital of WILO SE is hold by the Caspar Ludwig Oplaender Foundation, a family foundation that also pursues public-benefit objectives.

WILO SE with headquarters in Dortmund, Germany is one of the global leaders in the pump business.

Wilo invented the first heating circulator in 1928, and now is one of the World’s most technically advanced manufacturers of heating pumps. Well known brands, such as: Mather+Platt, EMU are all under control and direction of Wilo. Wilo is now over a billion Euro company, 7,000 employees, operating in over 70 countries worldwide, and with 16 production sites.

Our new head office in Brisbane features a modern and spacious 1,800m2 ware housing facility and offices.  A brand new 18 person dedicated training room has been installed to conduct presentation and training for: consultants, clients, end users etc.  We have found this best way to demonstrate why Wilo should be your first and only choice when it comes to your pumping systems, and also to show the European trends happening right now, which will have a great impact on the way pumps are sold and used in the future, especially with high efficiency pumps.

We encourage you to contact us at Wilo, and talk to us about your next pumping project, our friendly and highly trained staffs are more than happy to assist you in the design, installation and servicing of your Wilo products.

How to reach us in Australia

WILO Australia Pty Ltd


2/29 Alexandra Place Murarrie Queensland  4172


T + 617 3907 6900

F + 617 3907 6999

E-mail : sales@wilo.com.au

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AU +617 3907 6900      ID + 62 21 4683 2951

MY + 603 9224 6666     PH + 63 2 553 4016

SG + 65 6562 8391/2   TW + 886 2 2907 2163

TH + 66 2 173 6033      VN + 84 8 3810 9975



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