WILO SEA Organisation

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WILO's present in South East Asia

WILO in South East Asia


Wilo has kept bringing its Pioneer spirit into South East Asia and expanding its business in there. There are 8 subsidiaries and representative offices of Wilo in South East Asia (Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.), and they have cared customers’ every day easier.

Although most of countries in South East Asia don’t have long business history, they’ve kept growing in the market through winning big projects such as world’s largest domed arena, Philippines Arena, in Philippines and Samsung Mobile Phone Factory in Vietnam etc. Therefore, we can call them true pioneers and Wilo brand ambassadors.

  • WILO Australia Pty Ltd
  • PT WILO Pumps Indonesia
  • WILO Taiwan Co. Ltd
  • WILO Vietnam Co. Ltd
  • WILO Singapore Pte Ltd
  • WILO SE Representative Office(Malaysia)
  • WILO SE Representative Office(Philippines)
  • WILO SE Representative Office(Thailand)


With a strategic and ambitious growth target, we will continue to seek out opportunities for our expansion in tandem with WILO SE’s objectives for this area.



WILO Australia

A good hand sake..

bring both of us to a win-win situation..


WILO Indonesia

We hop from island to island..

to meet up with you ..

and offer our best pumping solutions ...

WILO Malaysia

We think before we talk..

We pro-act but not react..

WILO Philippines

We walk what we talk..

We work to your expectation..

We have fun after all.

WILO Singapore

We are resourceful..

 and we are helpful..


Come and visit us here..

or read us in 中文版。。。

WILO Thailand

Rest our body but not our mind..

we assure you a peace of mind with our products and services..

WILO Vietnam

We work ...

we play...

we perform too..

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You can find us closer to you in

AU +617 3907 6900      ID + 62 21 4683 2951

MY + 603 9224 6666     PH + 63 2 553 4016

SG + 65 6562 8391/2   TW + 886 2 2907 2163

TH + 66 2 173 6033      VN + 84 8 3810 9975



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