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WILO in Water Management

Bottom Intake Borehole pump in Kota Malang, East Java


WILO Polder pump

Malang City Raw Water Intake Solution, Indonesia 

WILO submersible borehole pump with bottom suction configuration - Polder pump is successfully solved the low water level issue of the intake in Malang City Water Supply, Surabaya, East Jaya of Indonesia.

WILO PT Indonesia mentioned to convince the authority to replace a competitor’s vertical borehole pump which was repeated encounter motor burnt problem with our Polder pump. 

Polder pump is designed with bottom intake and self-cooled features which are able to cater for very low stop water level with overheating its motor.


WILO Product:

Market Segment:     Water Management

Model:                    K146-3-P+M9-2/100

Duty:                     110 L/s @ 90m

Qty:                       3 units

Date of completion:  2011


WILO in Water Management

Borehole with shroud in Kandangan, East Java


PDAM Kandangan Water Supply, Indonesia

PDAM Kandangan had a space limitation in its clean water booster pump station, in which many conventional booster pumps are unable to fit into this pumping station.

WILO borehole pump with pressure shroud has solved this issue.  The shroud pump is connected inline to existing pipeline to booster up the pressure of the discharge line.


WILO Product:

Market Segment:     Water Management

Model:                    K146+NU911T-2/45 + Shroud.

Qty:                       1 unit

Date of completion:  2010



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