Water supply

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Water treatment

Potable water or process water treatment, cooling water conditioning, as well as washing/rinsing system optimization. These are only a few examples for water treatment for special applications. Wilo pumps are used worldwide in these applications. Our specialists are working on individual concepts and solutions for these problems.

With regard to environmental protection and conservation of resources, water purification plays an important role.

Continuous challenges, such as increasing solid contents in sewage, which hinder operating conditions for systems and devices, require new and innovative solutions to improve the processes and the corresponding products. Another factor is how to handle energy.

With regard to the worldwide climate change, low energy consumption - and therefore also low life cycle costs - are currently the most evocative marketing topic, and will continue to be so in the future. The high-efficiency technology developed by Wilo offers an enormous potential for saving water resources and, in doing so, reducing costs.


In wastewater treatment plants, industrial sewage is treated to remove the harmful constituents from it.
Sewage must be treated in a lengthy and costly process before the resulting product can be returned to the water supply safely. Experts in this field are under constant pressure to save costs, while still meeting the requirements of national regulations and laws. With the highly efficient technology that it has developed, Wilo has enormous potential to offer when it comes to conserving water resources and saving costs at the same time.

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Water treatment

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