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Wilo-Select 4 online – the pump consultant

The new online application for your pump dimensioning.

With the new Wilo-Select 4 online, you can now experience pump dimensioning in the 4th generation – flexible, convenient, efficient, and powerful. What's more, you will always have access to the latest product data via the Internet. Simply online and available everywhere.

Now pump dimensioning is easier, quicker and more reliable than ever before: in just 4 steps you can access a product recommendation or reliable life cycle cost analysis (LCC check).

  • Open operating costs preview
  • Select comparison pumps
  • Check calculation specifications
  • Compare life cycle cost & amortisation period

The integrated comparison of life cycle costs (LCC check) makes it very easy to determine the efficiency of customer's existing pumps.

Wilo-Select 4 online identifies the optimal replacement pump and delivers convincing results on a data sheet detailing calculated savings potential in euros and the amortisation period.

New product comparisons provide the foundation for targeted technical consultation and can serve as a basis for decision making in customer meetings.

A new and reliable selection of accessories for water supply, sewage and waste water applications can be accessed by means of an intuitive interface, enabling offers and tenders to be prepared quickly.

Additional export functions and the facility to send offers and tender texts directly by e-mail guarantee efficient communication with your customers.

Wilo Select 4 online – for building services

Wilo-Select 4 online, the pump consultant:

The advantages to you

  • Easy and convenient operation
  • Reliable product configuration with hydraulic calculations
  • Comparison of amortisation periods, operating costs and life cycle costs at a glance 
  • Optimum support for planning and customer consultation
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WILO-EMU Select - for water management

WILO-EMU Select 3 - for water management

The advantages to you:

  • Exact determination of the duty points
  • Configuration of possible hydraulics motor combinations and additional product options

  • Exact calculation of the pump curve taking into account the selected motor speed over the entire hydraulic performance range
  • Direct energy cost comparison provides optimal decision-making basis for the pump selection


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